Frontiers in Additive Manufacturing final report

We are pleased to present the final report of the MURI AUSMURI project, marking a significant milestone that was shared at our concluding review meeting in Orlando, USA, in March 2024.


This report encapsulates the research endeavours of a distinguished international team, dedicated to elucidating the interphase instabilities in liquid/solid and solid/solid states during the thermo-mechanical transients in metal additive manufacturing.

It provides a comprehensive summary of the project, highlights key findings, and offers links to detailed analyses, all aligned with the initial questions of Phases 1 and 2.

The report also outlines the extensive networking benefits derived from this initiative, categorized into industry and capability networks.

The substantial research contributions and the resultant networks underscore our confidence in the initiative’s potential to yield pivotal scientific, economic, and defence-related advancements.

The MURI and AUSMURI collaboration’s impact is further evidenced by the dynamic career paths of researchers and the inception of enterprises leveraging the foundational science developed during the program.

Please contact us if you would like a printed copy posted to you.