Congratulations Maxwell

Congratulations to our team member Maxwell for winning the ‘Best 1 minute thesis’ in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW. In this competition students must deliver a 1-minute oral presentation outlining the key points of their research. Decent science communication skills are required in order to successfully outline the aim and impact of a PhD project to a broader audience. This is especially challenging if you have only one minute available to do so. On top of that, special rules applied this year, and presentations had to be pre-recorded videos using only a single, static PowerPoint slide. Six group members of Sophie Primig’s team and many more from the School participated in the Faculty of Science 2020 competition. All of them put a lot of thought into the preparation of their videos, with Maxwell winning this award and a bit of welcome extra pocket money.

You can find Maxwell’s video on explaining his PhD research on additive manufacturing of 17-4 stainless steel here.